Why Family Law?

Why Family Law?

WHY FAMILY LAW A common question I am asked is why do you do family law? Or the ever more popular "how can you do family law? I fell into family law...

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Client  feedback

At future family law we value our client experience as much as we value our clients

Thanks for your support and guidance on Monday. You have made this process almost enjoyable 🙂

 I wake each morning feeling a great weight lifted from me.


I would highly recommend Selena to handle your family law matters. Regardless of the complexity of any case, she will deliver and won’t back down from bullies, intimidation and threats. Thank you once again Selena for your help. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get control back of my life. I am now starting a new life and starting to calm down a bit and enjoy life as it should be.  


Thanks so much, Selena. You really have been such a rock in all of this for me and I am very glad I decided on your firm. We did pretty well, in terms of what we were up against. The world needs strong women like you on their side, so thank you. Thank you for choosing your profession and being a woman of integrity in the process. Speaks volumes.

All the best, sincerely. Has been quite the journey and one that will forever be part of my story.


Thankyou for your help it’s been invaluable but if the silly moo had just agreed to this in august we could have avoided all this, that said, I wouldn’t now have a brilliant family lawyer to recommend to my friends.


Thank you for everything you done on Friday, you made me feel relaxed while we worked through the financial & parenting agreements.  I am so glad I walked away from my previous solicitor & found you.


Real people,

Real problems,

Real solutions